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The Actors' Enterprise

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    The 1 Thing That Will Immediately Kill Your Acting Career

    Are your stand-out-from-the-crowd tactics serving your career or ruining it?

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    How To Spend Your Money Wisely as an Actor

    Why is it that actors, who are extremely frugal and have very little money to spare, still find themselves making major purchases without doing their research?

  • Advice

    Don't Make Excuses as an Actor

    When we use an excuse like, “I don’t have time,” or “I really don’t have the funds,” or “I’m too tired to commit,” those are dramatic ways of saying, “I don’t value *xyz* enough to spend my time/money/energy on it.”

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    10 Things To Do With Your Old Headshots

    New headshots! Hooray! Is anything better than getting new pictures that perfectly reflect who you are as a performer? But you have a crapload of old headshots leftover that cost you a small fortune and you can’t bring yourself to throw them away!

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    How to Find the Perfect Day Job

    Actors need to "get real" about what it actually takes to make it as an actor. I’ve waxed philosophic about training to the point of being an expert, and making a real commitment of time and energy. So, you can guess my position on day jobs.

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    4 Ways to Leave ‘Em Wanting More

    You want to leave ‘em wanting more so that they are inspired to call you again for that second meeting. So, here’s four ways to leave ‘em wanting more in your meetings and auditions.

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    10 Sacrifices an Actor Makes

    If you’re lucky, you can earn a very good living at acting. But there are also some sacrifices that an actor makes as she pursues a career.