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    5 Easy Ways to Get Discovered

    If only you were plucked from obscurity, pulled up from the gutter, and presented to industry insiders, you would be a star. And it happens—we can all cite an example of it. And it can happen to you, too!

  • How to Find the Right Acting Class

    Olympic athletes don't graduate from training and neither do you. So where do you start?

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    5 Things To Remember Before Every Audition

    No flakey New-Age voodoo here. Just five powerful truths about you and your craft that most actors choose to forget. So remind yourself on the day of the audition and on every other day.

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    5 Ways For Teen Actors To Find Success

    Teen actors rarely get the credit they deserve. While many young artists possess a deep emotional life, often times the business and the people around them - even the well-meaning people - can stand in the way of their unique artistry.

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    How to Get an Agent

    Without an agent, you have no career and no hope of one. "How do I get an agent or a manager or both?" many of you ask.

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    Why You Need to Embrace Rejection

    Our normal human reaction is is to resist feeling like crap. We don’t want to hurt. We don’t want to go to uncomfortable places, and we resist it in the work. It scares us; we do everything to avoid it.

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    8 Steps to Actor Happiness

    Our business brings with it heartache, and many of you allow that heartache to rob you of your happiness and forget the joy that comes with doing what you do. Here are a few tips on how to be a happy and fulfilled actor.

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    How to Book Work Now!

    This is not an easy time of year. For everyone. And because it's not easy, actors want answers. They want to know how to crack this code, to make it less painful, less traumatic, less ulcer-inducing.

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    5 Tips For Surviving Pilot Season

    We must press on, try to survive Pilot Season intact, and emerge in June feeling whole. Here are some ways to do that:

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    10 Ways for Actors to Survive the Holidays

    Make the most of the holiday season and new year. If you stay in touch with your inner life, celebrate in moderation, are accepting of others, and connect with generosity, you'll survive anything that the holidays can throw at you.