Todd Thaler

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  • Interview

    The CSA Breakdown on Todd Thaler

    Todd Thaler has worked on everything from “Billy Madison” to “Little Children.” He tells Backstage what draws him to a project, what actors should know walking into his room, and why being apologetic can be a drawback.

  • Advice

    How To Get the Most Out of Networking Studios

    Networking studios get a bad rap (along with the industry types who participate in them). The perception being: They profit from serving as middlemen

  • Advice

    What to Look for in an Acting Teacher

    Picking the right teacher is essential for the student to get the most out of a class; Todd Thaler gives some advice.

  • Advice

    The Secret to an Acting Career Is Not an Agent

    It must be brutal knowing about all the roles you’d sell your mother to audition for but can’t, because casting directors are generally limiting themselves to “agent submissions only.”

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    The Secret To Great Film Acting

    Theater-trained actors, with limited or no on-camera experience, tend to reveal too much of their work externally. “Less is more” is never truer than when it comes to acting for film.

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    Why You Should Never Stop Playing 'Make-Believe'

    I would never discourage any aspiring actors from seeking some type of formal training (especially if they plan on acting in plays). But technique is the parachute you employ when you’re not working instinctively.

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    Why Your 'Type' Is Irrelevant

    Most serious actors I know would love to play as wide a range of parts as is humanly possible, and do not want to be limited by "type." If anything, you should hope we’re willing to cast AGAINST type!

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    Why 'Acting Naturally' May Land You the Role

    I can learn more about you before and after the audition, than I can from the audition itself. This is not at all to imply that the audition is unimportant or insignificant. But you would be wise to consider that the entire experience is part of the audition as well.

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    What To Leave Behind In On-Camera Auditions

    This is why a greater awareness of "what you leave behind" is so crucially important. If you have little or no on-camera experience, you probably have no idea if what you do in the room works on tape.

  • Advice

    What Are the Stakes of Your Audition?

    Ah, the odds. The chances. The stakes. To most actors starting out, auditioning can seem like a daunting, terrifying, and insurmountable responsibility. A contest. A game of luck and chance.