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    10 Tools for Getting Started in Voiceover

    Voiceover acting is a fulfilling and lucrative way to build an acting career, and with the rise of digital submissions it’s easier than ever to work on a global scale from almost anywhere. Get ready to jump into an exciting world with these 10 essential tools for voiceover actors!

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    7 Tips for Creating Monologue Magic

    Make sure you know these seven tips before delivering your next monologue!

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    What Not to Do for College Auditions

    Backstage spoke to professors and drama department chairs to get the lowdown on what students should and shouldn’t be doing in the audition room.

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    13 Tips for Becoming a Marketing Guru

    We rounded up experts in various fields, including website design, headshots, PR, and demo reel editing, to give Backstage readers some insider tips on how to max out each element’s marketing potential.

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    How to Prioritize as a New Actor

    In this week’s Ask an Expert, actor and web designer Amy Russ walks through the priorities when you’re just starting out as an actor.