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    Finding Your Perfect Acting Coach

    Making sure your coach is the right fit for you is a challenge but not impossible. Backstage chats with some successful coaches about their teaching techniques, and common mistakes actors make.

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    Acting School and Coach Specialties: Finding the Help You Want

    Robert Cohen, author of various acting books including “Acting Power: The 21st Century Edition,” says when he’s watching an actor, he takes into consideration “their command of a role, their ability to show both great confidence and great confusion, and, of course, their experience, training, discipline, and how these ...

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    New York Acting Schools and Coaches

    A list of New York-area stage and film acting schools, teachers, and coaches organized by category and alphabetically.

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    Learning to Act How You Please

    A handy primer explaining the Meisner technique, the difference between it and what’s taught at William Esper’s studio, what being Method means, and the Eric Morris System.

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    Acting Coach Joseph Pearlman Sets Out to Empower Clients

    Having started coaching while he was a student at Tisch School of the Arts, Joseph Pearlman has a knack for inspiring and empowering actors, both on set and at Pearlman Acting Academy.