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    Do You Have a Hidden Acting Agenda?

    A Hidden Acting Agenda is a new term to describe an old phenomenon. These agendas - formed when you, the actor - hide some behavior, attitude or trait because they were the source of criticism or embarrassment in the past.

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    3 Ways for Young Performers to Train

    Training is a vital part for a young one's acting foundation. Here are three ways for child actors to hone their skills!

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    Where to Learn On-Camera Technique in L.A.

    With these courses in L.A., even the most camera-shy person will understand how to use the lens to his or her advantage.

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    Why Acting Is Not a Work-In-Progress

    Each scene presented at anytime must be a committed work, woven with all your vulnerability, doubts, thoughts, and intention.

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    What To Leave Behind In On-Camera Auditions

    This is why a greater awareness of "what you leave behind" is so crucially important. If you have little or no on-camera experience, you probably have no idea if what you do in the room works on tape.

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    6 Tips For Auditioning With a Dialect

    Auditioning with an unfamiliar dialect can really get in your way of landing the role. When learning a new dialect, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you have a successful audition.

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    How To Make Your Mark On a Character During Pilot Season

    I’ve seen many a time when casting had a particular type in mind for a role, and then went in a completely different direction because the actor gave such an extraordinary read, and most of all, brought a uniqueness to the character that they hadn’t seen.

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    Create a SWOT Report for Your Acting Career

    Although this may not guarantee hoped for results, it certainly increases the odds that specific planned action will bring a higher measure of success.

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    How To Become More Charismatic

    Can charisma be learned? It is certainly up for debate, and I don’t profess to know the answer. However, I do know that one of the most bewitching traits of charismatic people is their ability to make whoever they are talking to feel special and important.

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    6 Must-Read Books for Teen Actors

    For teens starting out in the business, getting the proper education is vital! Here are 6 books every young one should have on the shelf!