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    8 Great Improv Schools in NYC and L.A.

    Of all the tools in the actor’s toolbox, improv skills (and training) are among the most crucial for all sorts of jobs. Whether you’re a classically trained actor aiming to branch out, a beginner trying to have fun onstage, or a professional comedian making your mark on the ...

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    5 Ways Stage Combat Enhances Acting

    Fight director Jared Kirby helps performers and directors of stage and screen tell stories through violence rather than indulging in “action porn.”

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    Forget Summer Stock—Theme Parks Are Hiring!

    Amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Six Flags, and Dollywood provide a training ground for performers looking to stretch their improvisational, musical, and special skills.

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    Why Not Preparing Can Sometimes Be Best

    The Working Actor Stephen Tobolowsky doesn’t want you to skip studying—but be aware that over-preparation can prevent you from nailing the part.

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    Teaching Unfamiliar Accents

    Plays borrowed from the headlines are not an uncommon phenomenon, and nowadays plays inspired in one way or another by international relations are hardly unexpected.