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    8 Ways to Prepare for the Big Move to L.A.

    If you're ready to make the move out west, there are some things you need to know, because there's more to the City of Angels than palm trees and sunshine. Prepare yourself with these eight steps!

  • News

    Actors Pro Expo Gears Up for Annual New York Installment

    Actors Pro Expo, the event created by and for actors to galvanize their professional pursuits, is set to host its annual NYC event! Plus, find out details on installments in L.A. and London!

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    How Parents Can Help Their Child Actors Prep for Auditions

    When it comes to auditioning, there's a fine line between helping to ready your child and over-coaching them. We've consulted with Backstage Experts on the best ways to prepare without overstepping boundaries.

  • Backstage Guides

    How to Create Your Demo Reel

    Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for years, every actor needs a demo reel. If you’ve got questions about how to approach creating your reel or how to update the one you already have, read on!

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    5 Styles of Dance Every Performer Should Know!

    The past is present, both in performance and in rehearsal—and auditions! That's why Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don't Dodge the Dance Call) wants you to understand the basics of these five dance styles. Think of it as homework with an amazing beat!

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    What Should Be in Every Actor’s Dance Bag?

    You've trained, prepared, and properly stretched. Now, it’s time for your first dance audition! But before you rush out the door, make sure you pack these things to have the perfect dance bag.

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    A Breathing Exercise Every Singer Should Do

    Your diaphragm is one of the essentials to your singing voice—and Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne has an excellent breathing exercise to help you strengthen it and fight reflux.