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    4 Steps to Take Before Signing With Agents

    Audition coach and Backstage Expert Philip Hernández sees too many actors too eager too soon to contact agents. Don't ever reach out to an agency without first doing these four simple tasks!

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    How to Become a Star With Backstage

    Are you a star in the making? First step: a Backstage subscription. With some patience, know-how, and hard work, you could join the ranks of famous artists who used Backstage to launch their careers.

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    4 Tips on How to Book the Job

    We break down four bits of industry insight and advice from acting coach and Backstage Expert Anthony Meindl’s book, “Book the F##king Job!”

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    Are You a Large Fish in a Small Pond?

    Understanding what you want out of your representation and the risks you’re willing to take can help determine what type of agency you’d like to represent you, says Secret Agent Man.

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    How to Say Goodbye to Your Agent

    Whether you’ve been dropped or you’re looking to make a change, leaving your agent can be difficult. Los Angeles- and Atlanta-area agents weigh in on how to do it right.

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    Can You Get an Agent With an Acting Class?

    Acting classes can be for more than just acquiring new skills, and Backstage Expert Anthony Meindl explains how they can actually help you land an agent!

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    How to Find an Acting Agent on Backstage

    Did you know Backstage’s handiness goes beyond the casting call? We break down how you can use our Call Sheet to get representation from a talent agency.

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    How Child Actors Can Land an Agent

    Acting coach Denise Simon speaks to a slew of talent agents about what causes them to sign a young performer. Are you doing these five things to impress agents and casting directors?

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    How to Impress a Talent Manager

    Talent manager Wendy Alane Wright breaks down the five things that every actor should have to make an agent or a manager very happy.

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    How to Get an Acting Agent in Atlanta

    Atlanta is the perfect locale for actors to build a long-lasting careers or to sharpen their teeth before heading to Hollywood, and an agent can help make either happen!