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    How to Get an Acting Agent in Los Angeles

    Are you a Los Angeles-based actor looking for an acting agent? We spoke with Avant Artists and Mitchell & Presley Talent Group about what want in their clients.

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    Is Your Agent Skilled at Delivering Bad News?

    Bad news is like death and taxes—inevitable. But that doesn't mean that hearing it will be terrible; if you have an agent like Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann, bad news can sometimes be a learning experience.

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    Are You in Danger of Being Dropped by Your Agent?

    Finding an agent can be one of the most difficult but helpful aspects of pursuing acting as a career. But just as in a relationship, sometimes one or both parties can find that enough is enough. We asked Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann to break down the reasons an ...

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    Are You Guilty of These Self-Tape Mistakes?

    Putting yourself on tape to audition for a role is a miracle of technology that allows actors outside of the major markets the opportunity to be seen for big roles. But are you making common mistakes that knock you out of the running immediately? Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann ...

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    What Your Agent Does Post Audition

    Having an agent secure auditions for you is just one upside to having representation—there’s also knowing that you’re not alone afterward! Your agent is there for you in the post-audition blur, as Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann explains.

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    New in Call Sheet: The Contact Directory for the Entertainment Industry

    Call Sheet features details about hundreds of casting directors, talent agents, managers, production companies, theaters, schools, film festivals, and open mikes. The online version of Call Sheet is fully searchable and includes tons of exclusive listings updated daily.

    Search the online Call Sheet database to find the latest details on ...

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    1 Thing All Actors Must Remember About Agents

    Having an agent doesn’t just sometimes make your life as an actor (somewhat) easier—it’s also a responsibility. That’s why Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann explains the single most important thing that you need to remember about your representation!

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    The (Financial) Perks of 3 Union Rules

    SAM highlights some of the rules SAG-AFTRA has in place to protect members’ time and wallets.

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    You Could Land an Agent at One of These NYC Open Calls!

    Looking for an agent? Across the Board Talent Agency is looking for new clients. On-camera, stage, dance, and child actors are being sought from NYC.

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    SAM Talks Hollywood Darwinism 101

    Secret Agent Man reminds us what to expect from the business of acting, and how being prepared for it can mean the difference between succeeding and giving up.