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    The Monologuer: Find the Perfect Monologue

    Looking for a killer monologue for your next audition or acting class? Backstage's monologue database, The Monologuer, provides you with quick access to hundreds of high-quality monologues.

    With The Monologuer you can browse through individual monologues or find monologues conveniently grouped together by authors or productions.

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    6 L.A. Classical Training Acting Schools

    From the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio to The Antaeus Academy, here’s a list of six great L.A. acting schools that focus on classical training.

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    Why You Should Study Shakespearean Soliloquies

    Backstage asked two experts on classical monologues for their advice when it comes to studying soliloquies, those fantastic speeches that provide actors the chance to do what they do best: play.

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    The Most Overused Shakespeare Audition Monologues

    Maybe you’ve heard of “Romeo and Juliet”? You and the rest of the world. We’re rounding up the most obvious Shakespearean soliloquies to avoid at your next audition.