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    Q&A: Myq Kaplan, 'Last Comic Standing' Finalist

    Stand-up comic Myq Kaplan has a knack for winning comedy contests. Which is why we think has a good chance to win the seventh season of the NBC competition "Last Comic Standing."

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    Lauren Francesca

    "When you're an actor, I feel like you're always putting yourself out there, and you're doing everything to become that person or that character."

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    Jeff Asbell

    Jeff Asbell calls himself a novice performer, but in reality he had been practicing improv for decades before being cast as a member in aNew York City improv troupe.

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    The Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Comedy Actor

    In what way are you funny? What's funny about you? Being aware of what makes up your personal "funny"—finding the comedy in yourself and your everyday life—is the first step to becoming a successful comedy actor.