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    3 Simple Stretches to Increase Flexibility

    Staying flexible is important—and not just in the way you think about your work and career. That’s why we asked Backstage Expert Erika Shannon to demonstrate a few simple stretches to keep us all loose and ready to dance!

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    The 1 Most Important Dance Class Everyone Should Take

    According to Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call), there’s no more powerful tool for building a dance career than ballet. So whether you think a barre is for happy hour or you can already plié like Margot Fonteyn, find a class that will help you ...

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    3 Ways to Train Post-Injury

    An injury can leave you frustrated, but there are many ways to continue training both physically and mentally!

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    3 Exercises Anyone Can Do at Home

    Sometimes making it to the gym or class can be impossible. That’s no excuse for not keeping fit, though, especially when working out can be as simple as one, two, three! Backstage Expert Erika Shannon shares three simple, effective exercises you can do in the comfort of your own ...

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    4 Moves Even Non Dancers Can Master

    Not every dance audition will require a full-on tap solo, and Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call) is here to demonstrate a few basic steps that can help even those with two left feet navigate their next dance call.

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    1 Thing You Must Do After a Bad Audition

    Backstage Expert Erika Shannon lucked out on her first day in NYC with three dance auditions—until the last audition went horribly wrong.

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    5 Key Tips to Your Next Dance Audition

    Dance auditions may seem more intimidating than acting auditions for "non-dancers," but Backstage Expert Erika Shannon's tips might help take some of the anxiety out of them.

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    3 Physical Ways to Boost Your Creativity

    Feeling stuck creatively? All you need is a good physical exercise to get those juices flowing!

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    5 Brands of Character Shoes for the Triple Threat

    Underneath every musical theater dancer is... a great pair of shoes. Proper character shoes (which can also be fitted with taps) help actors audition with confidence and offer necessary support for long rehearsal and performance days. With that in mind, here are five major character shoe brands that professional actors ...

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    The Inside Scoop on Broadway Dance Center

    Looking for a studio that caters to what you want out of your dance experience (and what you might not have known you wanted)? Backstage chats with Broadway Dance Center about what they have to offer recreational and professional dancers alike.