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    Actor Audition App Is An Acting Coach on Your Smartphone

    Can you pack a full class’s worth of acting advice into a single iOS download? L.A.-based coach Scott Sedita seems to think you can and has set out to prove it with his $9.99 Actor Audition App, a largely static collection of useful tips about auditioning ...

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    Edit Photos Like a Pro from Your Smartphone with Snapseed App

    As smartphone cameras have evolved, so too have mobile photo editing apps. Snapseed puts many of the finer tweaking mechanisms professional photographers regularly use right at your fingertips.

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    How to Shoot Video on Your iPhone

    Cell phone cameras are getting better every year, and while they still pale in comparison to purpose-built cameras, you can shoot decent video using an iPhone.

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    Learn a Second Language for Free With Duolingo

    There are plenty of good reasons to learn a foreign language—not least of which is that it gives you the chance to add another useful skill to your resume, and maybe get jobs in cities (or countries) you hadn’t considered before.

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    Windows 8 Phone Makes Microsoft Mobile-Cool

    Apple and Android have been duking it out for a while now on the smartphone front, with the fierce partisans on neither side willing to cede much ground. But they may have to now that Windows Phone 8 is on the scene.

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    Organize Your Networking Contacts with Brewster

    If sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have made it easier than ever to know and follow more people than ever, it’s made keeping track of all your friends in the business time-consuming and even frustrating.