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  • Advice

    7 Effective Ways To Get Voiceover Work

    If you're ready to get into voice acting, Backstage Experts and voice over coaches Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker share their tips for doing it the right way.

  • Advice

    What Will Be Your Legacy?

    A legacy is more than just the performances captured on film—according to Bailie Slevin, with the right financial planning you can make a difference to the organizations and companies that matter to you.

  • Advice

    Should You Ever Work for Free?

    Broadway Dance Center instructor and choreographer Carlos Neto explains when (and if!) an actor or performer should accept a job without pay.

  • Advice

    How To Spend Your Money Wisely as an Actor

    Why is it that actors, who are extremely frugal and have very little money to spare, still find themselves making major purchases without doing their research?

  • Advice

    11 Pieces of an Actor’s Budget

    Actors frequently ask me, “How much money does it take to be an actor?” The short answer is every actor’s expenses will be different. However, use the list below as a guideline.

  • Advice

    3 Things Not To Pay Big For as an Actor

    Stefanie O'Connell says there are a ton of things you’ll need to invest in to become a professional actor, but a few things should raise a red flag.

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    How Actors Can Save Their Money

    Don’t skimp on what’s important—but postage costs and choppy website animation are definitely not important and almost certainly a waste of money.

  • Advice

    3 Steps To Financing Your Acting Career

    Becoming a quality professional actor is expensive. The cost of classes, headshots, marketing, demo reels, scripts, theater company dues, showcases, union initiation fees, subscriptions, and other professional expenses really add up.

  • Advice

    How to Ask for—and Get—a Raise

    Michael Kostroff explains how to gently ask for a little more money for your work without resorting to aggression or diva demands.

  • Advice

    How to Invest Wisely in Your Acting Career

    If you’re like most actors, you want to put everything you can toward classes, subscriptions, and events. However, most don’t actually have a system in place designed to help you avoid over-spending so you can put your money where it matters most.