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    10 Best Audition Monologues for Actors

    Let's be clear: There is no such thing as a perfect list of the best monologues for actors.

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    9 Elements of a Great Monologue

    Monologues are always the most difficult auditions to pull off successfully, so be prepared by following Backstage Expert Gwen Gilliss' winning strategies when choosing one.

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    12 Unforgettably Inspirational Film Monologues

    Feeling down? Lackluster? Uninspired? Here are 12 stirring speeches from films that double as both examples of superbly committed acting and rip-roaring energizers!

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    11 Tips for Monologue-Challenged Actors

    Do you dread monologues? You’re not alone. Since we typically use sides in auditions during the year, many actors fret about what to prepare and what to expect. Let these tips transform your monologue from a loathsome chore to a mini-performance.

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    8 Overdone Audition Monologues

    Just because they're fantastic pieces of art and literature, doesn't mean casting directors want to hear them over and over again!

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    10 Epic Film Monologues

    There are far too many to count, but here are some great film monologues that you might've forgotten about to enjoy!

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    4 Great College Audition Monologues

    Four great audition monologues for prospective college students, and tips on how to find other unique sources for audition material.

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    5 Places To Find a Great Monologue

    Last week I shared with you how to improve your child’s chances of making a great impression when choosing a monologue. Are you curious where to find some good material for that next big audition?

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    8 Tips for Mastering Monologues

    The ability to deliver a great monologue is a must for every actor, and you’ll nail yours next time with this advice from casting director Lana Veenker.

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    The Monologuer: Find the Perfect Monologue

    Looking for a killer monologue for your next audition or acting class? Backstage's monologue database, The Monologuer, provides you with quick access to hundreds of high-quality monologues.

    With The Monologuer you can browse through individual monologues or find monologues conveniently grouped together by authors or productions.