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    12 Touring Theater Companies That Make a Difference

    Touring is a rite of passage for many young performers, and an amazing way to see the country and impact communities far and wide. Here are 12 touring theater companies that make a difference across the United States.

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    9 Great Instagram Accounts for Actors

    If you’re looking to add some actorly spice to your Instagram account so you’re not relying solely on @beyonce for your Insta-entertainment, here are nine accounts you’ll love.

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    9 Actors You Didn’t Know Were on Reality TV

    Everyone knows Jennifer Hudson got her start on “American Idol,” but do you know who else has appeared on reality TV?

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    Patti LuPone Snatches Audience Member’s Phone Mid-Show

    Well-known for her intolerance toward audience cell phone use, Patti LuPone grabbed a persistent texter’s phone during the July 8 performance of “Shows for Days.”

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    8 Facts About SAG-AFTRA

    SAG and AFTRA merged in 2012, and are now stronger than ever with over 160,000 members. Here are some interesting facts about SAG-AFTRA from before and after the merger.

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    20 Great Dance Movies

    There's nothing like a good dance flick to bring people together. Whether you're a professional dancer or the owner of two left feet, here are 20 fun and inspiring dance films to get you moving this summer!

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    10 Theater Songs About Acting

    Who doesn’t love a great big ballad about show business? Here are 10 songs from your favorite shows to add to your playlist for some acting inspiration!

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    21 Inspirational Quotes From Famous Actors

    When you’re down and out, or just need a quick line of motivation, here are 21 inspirational quotes from famous actors to get you on the right track!

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    11 Ways Actors Can Burn Off All Those Thanksgiving Calories

    Thanksgiving is here and it’s time to sit back and enjoy your family’s cooking. And don’t even worry about those extra calories; actors have unique ways of burning them off after the big meal.

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    8 Places to Study Your Craft Abroad

    Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, improve your technique, or make international connections, here are eight international theater training programs where you can expand your craft and your world.