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    What Pilot Season Means for Your Agent

    Secret Agent Man tells of the yearly predicament he finds himself in when January and pilot season are around the corner.

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    Amazon Studios Announces 6 New Pilots

    Keep up with the six new shows coming out of Amazon Studios so you can choose which get picked up for a full series production! Upcoming projects will star Christina Ricci, Shaquille O’Neal, Gavin Stenhouse, Max Martini, and Yvonne Strahovski.

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    UPDATE: L.A. Pilot Season

    It seems California’s runaway productions aren’t running so fast. According to the nonprofit organization FilmL.A., SoCal has lost little ground to other states doling out tax credits like candy (i.e. Georgia, Louisiana).

  • Interview

    Why You Should Never Take No for an Answer

    English actor Jon Fletcher is making his biggest TV debut yet on the CW’s “The Messengers.” He talks to Backstage about his transition from theater to television, and why he didn’t take no for an answer.

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    Does Dyeing Your Hair Change Your Audition Luck?

    Working Actor Anna Margaret Hollyman was entranced by the story of one actor changing her fortunes with a dye job—but is it realistic to think a new hair color will get you cast?

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    6 Realities About L.A.’s Pilot Season

    Secret Agent Man outlines why making it to the forefront of pilot season requires long-term commitment that goes beyond a three-month sting on the West Coast.

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    The Pilot Season Breakdown

    Secret Agent Man gives Backstage readers the lowdown on pilot season and some info about how this year’s season panned out.

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    Pilot Season Revisited: You Got the Power!

    With pilot season coming to a close, did you have the power? Know that everyone is rooting for you!

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    1 Way to Get More Out of This Pilot Season (and the Next One)

    Bi-coastal acting teacher (and Backstage Readers’ Choice favorite!) Anthony Meindl is leading a special webinar on Tuesday, March 17 to answer all of your questions about this ultra high-stakes time of year.

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    7 Chances to Get Hired

    What better way to gear up for Spring than with a new job? Here are seven casting notices from Backstage to give you a nudge in the right direction!