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    8 Great Improv Schools in NYC and L.A.

    Of all the tools in the actor’s toolbox, improv skills (and training) are among the most crucial for all sorts of jobs. Whether you’re a classically trained actor aiming to branch out, a beginner trying to have fun onstage, or a professional comedian making your mark on the ...

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    Get Instant, Personalized Career Advice with Backstage Reel Feedback!

    Sign up for Backstage Reel Feedback today and submit a self-taped video, class footage, and/or acting reel—even a link to your Backstage profile—to a casting professional for personalized feedback.

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    National YoungArts Foundation Now Accepting 2016 Applicants

    As of April 21, the National YoungArts Foundation is accepting applications for its 2016 scholarship program. Enter for a chance to earn up to $10,000!

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    The New Center for SAG-AFTRA Actors

    The SAG Foundation New York Actors Center is officially breaking ground on W54th Street.

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    9 Great Instagram Accounts for Actors

    If you’re looking to add some actorly spice to your Instagram account so you’re not relying solely on @beyonce for your Insta-entertainment, here are nine accounts you’ll love.

  • 1 New Opportunity for Serialized Content Creators (Worth $10K!)

    IFP’s Screen Forward Lab is seeking serialized content creators from Instagram to Web series and beyond to apply to their Labs program, which provides artists with mentors, a Made in NY Media Center residency, and $10,000 to create new work.

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    How to Join SAG-AFTRA

    SAG-AFTRA membership is a career goal for many actors, but how do you get that coveted card? Here are the four main ways to join SAG-AFTRA—and enjoy the rich history, career opportunities, and crucial protections that union status affords.

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    Looking for a New Monologue?

    To better help our readers, Backstage has recently launched the Monologuer, a free monologue database with over 600 works to choose from ranging in age, gender, theme, and time period.

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    See You at the 2nd Annual Actors Pro Expo!

    Lianne Robertson, co-founder of the April 18 NYC networking event Actors Pro Expo, tells Backstage about what participants can expect—and how they should prepare.

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    6 Free Ways to Go to the Movies

    Here are six great ways to see the latest hit movies (and even some pre-releases) without spending a penny. Unless, of course, you want popcorn.