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    Los Angeles Acting Schools and Coaches

    A list of Los Angeles-area stage and film acting schools, teachers, and coaches organized by category and alphabetically.

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    Useful iPhone Apps for Singers

    The recent explosion of smartphone apps has included a number of great tools for the singer. We have compiled a list of some of the best iPhone apps for helping vocalists stay in top performing shape.

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    What Should Be On Every Actor's Demo Reel?

    "Your demo reel is your commercial. With it, you hope to convince the viewers that you, the featured product, are the one they should spend their money on. It needs to be fast, short, sweet, and to the point."

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    An Actor’s Résumé: Special Skills & No-No Skills

    No-No Skills are items on an actor’s résumé that should NEVER be listed as skills on an actor’s résumé.

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    Claiming Exempt

    No one likes to look at his or her paycheck and see the amount of money withheld from it in taxes by the government. However, the sad truth is that tax withholding is a good thing.

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    Hitting Those High Notes

    It is no secret that one of the most difficult aspects of singing is hitting the high notes. Good or bad, these notes will usually bring the singer the most attention.

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    7 Movement Techniques All Actors Should Study

    A strong physical presence is crucial to the professional actor; here are seven movement-based methods all performers should study!

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    How to Join SAG-AFTRA

    SAG-AFTRA membership is a career goal for many actors, but how do you get that coveted card? Here are the four main ways to join SAG-AFTRA—and enjoy the rich history, career opportunities, and crucial protections that union status affords.

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    New York Acting Schools and Coaches

    A list of New York-area stage and film acting schools, teachers, and coaches organized by category and alphabetically.

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    Welcome to Los Angeles: Pilot Season

    The first big time crunch involves getting your headshots ready, which may entail having new ones taken, getting the old ones retouched, or ordering new prints.