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  • Backstage Guides

    How to Avoid a Casting Scam

    The life of an actor is hard enough without having to worry about getting ripped off, but it’s an unfortunate reality of any business. Here are some tips—from your fellow actors—on how to protect yourself.

  • News

    12 Tips for Avoiding Casting Scams

    There's been an increase in internet scams targetting actors and models. At the end of this email you'll find an example of a recent scam to be on the lookout for. Also, when looking at casting calls on any site, or when receiving messages from casting personnel you ...

  • News

    'Immigration Consultant' Boryski Gets One Year in Jail

    A Canadian man authorities accused of running an immigration consulting scam they say conned foreign actors out of thousands of dollars pled no contest Friday to six counts. Andrew Boryski was sentenced to one year in prison, but 185 days were stayed because he agreed to pay $37,000 in ...

  • Advice

    The Dragons of Scam Artists and Bad Teachers in Acting Careers

    Secret Agent Man continues crying out that actors need to beware the dragons of con artists and unprofessionals.