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    1 Training Program for the Acting Anglophile

    The American Musical Theatre Academy offers training programs for aspiring theater actors on both sides of the Atlantic! In addition to dance, vocal, and acting training, networking opportunities with industry professionals and like-minded performers are abundant!

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    6 Tips for Self-Taping Your Child's Auditions

    Only a few years ago, actors had to fly into L.A. or New York to audition for once-in-a-lifetime roles. Not anymore! But there are rules for virtual auditioning, and producing an unprofessional video could hurt your child's chances in show biz. Have no fear, parents: Backstage Expert and ...

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    Your 5-Point End-of-Year Review

    With 2015 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to look back on what you did right this year and what you can improve on. SAM breaks it down with five suggestions to help you through the process.

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    13 Tips for Better Self-Taping

    You can be a master at self-taping with these simple tips!