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    How to Turn Your Smartphone into the Perfect Video Camera

    When you think about what camera equipment and accessories you need to shoot high-quality video, the basics come to mind: microphones, lenses, tripods, and lighting. Just add a smartphone to that mix, and you’re ready to roll! With shooting video on your phone, the basics are exactly the same.

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    A Portable Dolly for Your iPhone Camera

    There’s a lot to like about the new iStabilizer Dolly, a portable four-wheeled dolly that ensures smooth motion when used with the camera on your iPhone, iPod, or other mobile device.

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    How To Use Your Smartphone to Light Your Film Project

    The proper lighting scheme can make or break your production. Lighting is everything. But adequate lighting is often expensive—sometimes even prohibitively expensive. And even if you have access to studio-quality lights, setting them up can be a time-consuming and intensive challenge.

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    Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Is Not Ready Yet

    Is it worth all the functionality you’ll be giving up? In the case of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the answer is no.

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    Samsung’s Fabulous New Phablet

    The just-released Samsung Galaxy Mega is the first “phablet” I’ve seen that comes close to fusing the phone and the tablet in a way that really makes sense. It's tailor-made for people who need to do more than talk but don’t need (or maybe don’t want ...

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    Samsung Expands Smartphone Offering With Galaxy S4

    This follow-up to 2012’s popular Galaxy S III is similar to its predecessor in overall look, feel, and size (5.4x2.7 inches), but boasts an improved Super AMOLED screen that measures five inches across the diagonal.