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  • Interview

    26 Survival Jobs and the Stars Who Did Them, Pt. 1

    The time between now and hitting your next gig on the way to becoming a successful working actor doesn’t have to be terrible! So take a few pointers from these professionals and see what you can find to keep your pockets lined in the meantime!

  • Advice

    A U.K. Actor's Guide to the London Fringe

    Fringe theatre is accessible, avant-garde, energising and potentially risky—but it’s a risk every actor should consider.

  • News

    Freelance Isn’t Free Act Now in Effect in New York City

    The Freelance Isn't Free Act is the country's first-ever protection specifically for freelancers. Here's everything freelancers should know about the rights they're entitled to.

  • Advice

    8 Great Alternative Jobs for Actors

    Trying to support yourself solely on acting jobs can be tough, especially when you’re first starting out, so finding the right alternative job to help pay the bills will allow you to concentrate on your acting career.

  • Advice

    The Best Survival Jobs for Actors in London

    How do you find a job that pays the bills but gives you the time and flexibility to head to auditions or spend a week shooting a short film? You need a survival job—here’s a list of where to start looking in London.

  • Advice

    A London Actor’s Guide to Part-Time Work

    The reality of being an actor means it’s wise to have a part-time job—or several—lined up. A part-time, flexible, or seasonal job outside of the acting industry can help actors make smart decisions about their careers. Here are tips every London-based actor should keep in mind!

  • Backstage Guides

    How to Make a Living as an Actor

    Making a living as an actor means balancing work, life and passion—a tricky subject for anyone who has encountered it. While most working actors need to sacrifice and struggle, the journey can also be incredibly fulfilling. Read on for the official Backstage guide to making a living as an ...

  • Advice

    4 Ways to Promote Yourself On a Budget

    In today’s Hollywood, getting noticed is more important than ever: if you are out of sight, you’re most likely out of mind. But another great thing about working in today’s Hollywood is that it’s easier than ever to promote yourself on a limited budget. Here’s ...

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    How to Become an Actor

    Want to become an actor? You’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about how to start your acting career and to find success in Hollywood and beyond.

  • Interview

    27 Actors on the Survival Jobs That Shaped Them

    Nearly every famous actor had to endure a survival job to pay the bills before they made it big. While they never lost sight of their dreams, these jobs played formative roles in the early lives of these struggling artists. These actors shared some of their best survival jobs stories ...