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  • Interview

    1 Way Your Acting Skills Can Help Launch Your Own Business

    Broadway performer Daisy Hobbs (“Aladdin”) decided to take her skills offstage and start her own company, the Wedding Dance Pros, helping couples choreograph numbers for their big days. Here, Hobbs discusses where the idea came from, and offers advice for actors looking to make their own opportunities.

  • Advice

    Surviving Your Survival Job

    Waiter? Make the catering hall your stage! Babysitting? Make those kids your audience! Ben and David are here to teach you how to survive (and thrive) at your survival job!

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    How to Find the Perfect Day Job

    Actors need to "get real" about what it actually takes to make it as an actor. I’ve waxed philosophic about training to the point of being an expert, and making a real commitment of time and energy. So, you can guess my position on day jobs.