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survival jobs

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  • Advice

    3 Ways Actors Can Start a Side Business

    Most working actors need a survival job—so why not be your own boss? Here are three tips for creating your own successful side business!

  • Advice

    How to Avoid Becoming a ‘Starving Artist’

    Actor, voiceover artist, and producer Neil Holland offers up some tips on how to create your own work and avoiding the “starving artist” stereotype.

  • Advice

    5 Catering Companies All L.A. Actors Should Have In Their Back Pocket

    Catering gigs are the oldest survival job in the book, and every actor would be wise to have a few to call upon when needed. Here are some of the best catering companies in L.A.

  • Advice

    10 Job Skills You Can Learn From Acting

    Whether it’s a day job or a new career, your acting skills and training will help you become successful in any profession.

  • Advice

    4 Ways to Promote Yourself On a Budget

    In today’s Hollywood, getting noticed is more important than ever: if you are out of sight, you’re most likely out of mind. But another great thing about working in today’s Hollywood is that it’s easier than ever to promote yourself on a limited budget. Here’s ...

  • Advice

    The Best Survival Jobs for Actors in London

    How do you find a job that pays the bills but gives you the time and flexibility to head to auditions or spend a week shooting a short film? You need a survival job—here’s a list of where to start looking in London.

  • Interview

    26 Survival Jobs and the Stars Who Did Them, Pt. 2

    The time between now and hitting your next gig on the way to becoming a successful working actor doesn’t have to be terrible! So take a few pointers from these professionals and see what you can find to keep your pockets lined in the meantime!

  • NYC Survival Jobs: Broadway Maids

    Looking for a job while waiting for a gig? We talked to a NY-based firm about working with actors and artists, and the importance of flexibility in a survival job.

  • Advice

    A London Actor’s Guide to Part-Time Work

    The reality of being an actor means it’s wise to have a part-time job—or several—lined up. A part-time, flexible, or seasonal job outside of the acting industry can help actors make smart decisions about their careers. Here are tips every London-based actor should keep in mind!

  • Interview

    Learning to Embrace Your Characters’ Demons

    “A Prayer Before Dawn” star Joe Cole reflects on playing troubled boxer and heroin addict Billy Moore for Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s harrowing biopic: “I try to bring the little boy inside the beast to the role.”