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    Logic Pro X Provides Actors a Prime Audio Editing Platform

    Like the Final Cut Pro X video editor, Logic Pro X features a streamlined interface designed to simplify the workflow process for hardened professionals and newcomers alike.

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    5 Settings on a Digital Camera You Should Know

    Here are five settings already built into almost DSLRs that will easily allow you to take DIY headshots, production stills, or other promotional photos without breaking open the manual.

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    How To Color Correct Video Footage

    Lighting is incredibly important to filming; however, sometimes you’re going to run into situations where you just can’t control the lighting, whether it’s because you’re in a public place, the weather is bad, or you’re just experiencing technical difficulties.

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    How To Make a Music Video

    Here are a few general guidelines you can follow to increase production value and simplify the overall process of making a music video.

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    Building Your Brand With Your Brand-New Website

    Career Hacker Taryn Southern lists the beginner’s dos and don’ts for creating a personal website.

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    The Dos and Don’ts of Self-Taping

    Controlling the audition environment can be great—especially if you can’t afford to fly across the country to read—but there are bumps to be aware of when it comes to filming your own audition.

  • Interview

    Lisa Donovan Makes Art Happen At Maker Studios

    Maker Studios isn’t just a production company composed of some 300 staffers, 10,000 YouTube channels, and 70,000 square feet of Culver City studio and office space. It’s Donovan’s baby. She co-founded Maker in 2009 with her brother Ben Donovan and fiancé Danny Zapin.

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    Memorize Your Lines with the iPhone App LineLearner

    One solution won’t work for everyone, but if you’re the type who learns best by ear, you may want to take a look at (and a listen to) the iPhone app LineLearner.

  • News

    YouTube’s First Comedy Week Launches May 19

    A mix of sketches, stand-up, and musical performances, the streaming video behemoth’s inaugural comedy fest will feature names known (Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller) and not-so-known.

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    How to Shoot Video Using Natural Light

    Despite the hurdles, if you familiarize yourself with natural light – what it’s all about and how it works – you’re well on the way to capturing some stunning images. So keep your eyes and your mind open. Here are three tips to consider on your next project.