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    How Shakespeare Can Make You a Better Actor

    Stanley Wells, perhaps the greatest living authority on William Shakespeare’s life and work, tells Backstage readers about his all-time favorite performances, and how actors are necessary to bring “fresh illumination” to the Bard’s words.

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    The Science of One-Act Theater

    Where theater and sci-fi geeks coexist! Kicking off its second year, Sci-Fest LA: the Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, will feature sci-fi and fantasy greats for two nerd demographics.

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    The 7 Documentaries Every Actor Should See

    Get your Netflix queue ready! By watching these behind-the-scenes films, you’re guaranteed to learn something new about the entertainment industry.

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    The 10 Best #Broadway Personalities on Twitter

    If you’re #living on the high of this amazing New York theater season and looking to further connect with your favorite personalities on and around the Great White Way, here are ten social media geniuses to liven up your day.

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    Finding the Funny Bone in ‘The 39 Steps’

    Director Maria Aitken brings the Tony-winning Alfred Hitchcock parody hit back to New York, and reveals the remarkably specific skills required of its cast.

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    6 Ways the Flea Theater Can Support YOU

    The Off-Off-Broadway theater’s producing director Carol Ostrow tells Backstage how young artists can launch their careers, both at the Flea and in NYC.

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    New in Call Sheet: Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, and Production Companies

    Call Sheet features details about hundreds of casting directors, talent agents, managers, production companies, theaters, schools, and film festivals. The online version of Call Sheet is fully searchable and includes tons of exclusive listings updated daily. And now the new Spring-Summer 2015 issue of Call Sheet is available at a ...

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    2 Days, 50 Atlanta Theaters, and Dozens of Actors

    The Big Peach introduces actors new to the city to every producing theater in the area with two days of Unified Auditions, held this year March 30–31.

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    12 Touring Theater Companies That Make a Difference

    Touring is a rite of passage for many young performers, and an amazing way to see the country and impact communities far and wide. Here are 12 touring theater companies that make a difference across the United States.

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    Celebrate World Theatre Day on March 27!

    The International Theatre Institute—and theaters across the globe—will celebrate the holiday next week, and in NYC, an internationally collaborated play will receive a live-streamed reading.