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    How to Get Cast at Disney Theme Parks

    Just as Walt Disney said: “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”—you may be just one audition away from landing a job as your favorite Disney character!

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    7 Theme Parks That Are Always Hiring

    Looking for a paid gig and a getaway? We’ve rounded up some fun regional theme parks with upcoming or ongoing audition opportunities for talented performers.

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    LEGOLAND Seeks Performers for Summer Season

    The LEGOLAND California Resort is searching for professional singers, actors, dancers, costumed characters, and improv performers for its upcoming summer season.

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    How a Lighting Designer Brought a Taste of NYC Theater to Singapore

    Dave Upton used the skills he picked up in the theater as a lighting designer on an amusement park ride, and there were more similarities between the mediums than he anticipated.

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    Atlanta Now Casting Hong Kong Disneyland and More Auditions

    What would you do with a plane ticket to Hong Kong? If your answer is work for six months performing at Disneyland, have we got the casting notice for you!

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    Audition for Busch Gardens and 3 Other Gigs

    Get your daily dose of what Backstage has to offer our actors! From theme park gigs to a short film shooting on the east coast there are opportunities to be seized! And with the new year just around the corner, it’s time to look into a few.

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    8 Chances to Practice Your Craft

    Eight chances to practice your craft are coming down the pipeline! Backstage listings include television series such as the new series based on the “Scream” franchise, theater opportunities on Broadway, as well as a faith-based production. See if any are right for you!

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    Forget Summer Stock—Theme Parks Are Hiring!

    Amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Six Flags, and Dollywood provide a training ground for performers looking to stretch their improvisational, musical, and special skills.

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    A Dolly Good Time at Dollywood

    Whether you’re looking for steady performance opportunities or an excuse to celebrate Dolly Parton, auditions for Tennessee’s renowned theme park are being held Jan. 17 and 31.

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    No One’s Strong as Gaston!

    During a trip to one of the Disney Parks, YouTuber Blake Platt challenged “Beauty and the Beast’s” Gaston to a pushup contest, and the narcissistic villain did not disappoint.