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    Forget Summer Stock—Theme Parks Are Hiring!

    Amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Six Flags, and Dollywood provide a training ground for performers looking to stretch their improvisational, musical, and special skills.

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    A Dolly Good Time at Dollywood

    Whether you’re looking for steady performance opportunities or an excuse to celebrate Dolly Parton, auditions for Tennessee’s renowned theme park are being held Jan. 17 and 31.

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    No One’s Strong as Gaston!

    During a trip to one of the Disney Parks, YouTuber Blake Platt challenged “Beauty and the Beast’s” Gaston to a pushup contest, and the narcissistic villain did not disappoint.

  • Interview

    How Douglas Tait Built a Creature Reel

    While Tait has 65 film and TV credits, there's a good chance that you wouldn't recognize him in any of those roles.

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    The Endless Perks of Being a Theme Park Performer

    What are you waiting for? Working at a theme park provides actors with invaluable training and professional working experience!

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    Making the Case For Seasonal Employment

    "Most of our performers use this as their day job while performing in other theater companies as well” says Cory Warren, the development director for the Garden Theatre in Florida and previously in casting and production at Disney World and Universal Studios.