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    1 Acting Tip That Booked Danielle Brooks ‘The Color Purple’

    The Tony Award nominee for featured actress in a musical—in “The Color Purple,” her Broadway debut!—reveals the piece of advice that has guided her career all the way to the big time.

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    WATCH: Acting Advice From the Stars of ‘Hamilton’

    The original cast of “Hamilton” is an assembly of Broadway’s top actors, singers, rappers, and dancers. Backstage asked three of its Tony-nominated stars: How do you get into the room where it happens?

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    Singers! Do You Have TMJ?

    Do you have a TMJ problem? Do you even know what TMJ is? It's a joint affliction in your mouth that can seriosuly affect your singing. But don't worry—Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne explains how to diagnose TMJ, how to avoid it, and an easy ...

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    Do You Know These 5 Elements of Singing Posture?

    If you want to make a beautiful noise, you need to know how to stand—starting with your feet pointing straight ahead, as Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne points out. And there are four other key aspects you probably haven’t considered when it comes to your posture!

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    Should You Sing in Character During Auditions?

    According to Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne, there's really only one time you should be singing in character during an audition.

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    A Literal Tongue Twister Warmup for Singers

    Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne has an exercise to help singers relax the hyoid bone in their mouths and help them work out those "Defying Gravity" muscles!

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    5 Things Every Singer Should Own

    Direct from Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne comes this list of must-haves for singers. Here are the devices and gadgets that are going to make the difference between leaving an audition happily and leaving it feeling disappointed.

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    4 Tips on Becoming a Broadway Belter

    You know that voice—the one that shakes the rafters and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. From Ethel Merman to Patti LuPone to Idina Menzel, audiences have loved the big Broadway belt—and you would probably love to do it yourself. So we asked ...

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    Rules for Singers to Create a Great Book

    Whether you're a belter, a soprano, or both, Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne explains the rules of crafting a one-stop book for every auditioning singer.

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    Tips to Increase Your Singing Range

    When it comes to a big vocal range, you may never be able to compete with Mariah in her prime, but you can increase the number of notes you can reach with a few simple exercises. Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne explains how and what in a new ...