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Brendan Yukins

Actor, Comedian, Singer

Physical Attributes:

Age Range:





  • Male (gender),
  • Average (build),


Accents/Dialects Acrobat Training Dancer
Drivers License Fight Training Foreign Language

Education & Training

School Teacher Degree/Course Location Year
National High School Institute (NHSI) Cherubs Program
Kate Mulligan
Stand-Up Comedy
Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Program
Anne Cooper
Acting for Film
Northwestern University
Mary Poole

Career Highlights/Additional Info:

  • Brendan Yukins is a singer/comedian living in Chicago with extensive experience directing, acting, and performing his unique brand of singing comedy. He has experience working in Theatre for Young Audiences and African-American Theatre. Height: 6', Weight: 185lbs, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Red.