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Carli Jones

Non-Union Actor

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Long Island City, NY, United States

Physical Attributes:

Age Range:





  • Female (gender),
  • Slim (build),


Accents/Dialects Drivers License Foreign Language



Title Role Position Director/Company Location
La Linea Offuscata
Creator / Actor - Roles: Julia / Rachel
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010
La Cantina
Italian Gypsy
Emilio Riccuiti
Ela Rose Latin Dance Academy
Sushi Wooshi Woo
Matt O'Callaghan
Melbourne Short and Sweet Festival 09
Blood Wedding
Leonardo's Wife
Peter Oyston
Monash Academy of Performing Arts
Best of Stolen Moments
Nick Bacash and Rebecaa Hanbury
Cariad Productions
Susie Dee
Monash Academy of Performing Arts
A Journey Through the Mind of Hamlet
Fiona Battersby
Monash Academy of Performing Arts
All My Sons
Ann Deever
Danny Lemmo
Scuola di Teatro Colli
The Glass Menagerie
Laura Wingfield
Danny Lemmo
Scuola di Teatro Colli
Aidan Fenessey
Monash University
Alcuni Dei Sensi
Creator / Actor - Role: Old Italian woman
Hatched 06' season
St Martins Creative Ensemble
Shades OF Grey
Creator / Actor - Role: Myself
Hatched 06' season
St Martins Creative Ensemble
Simulated Patient
Simulated patient / Actor
Melbourne University Simulated Patient Program
Carnevale (Venice)
Children's Carnevale Entertainer
Mira Pozzato
Centro Teatrale Mira
Commedia dell'arte Touring Performer
Columbina / Pantelone
Ha HA commedia
Ha Ha Commedia
Shimmy and Shake Burlesque
Burlesque Dancer. Role: Annabella
Maree Shefford


Title Role Position Director/Company Location
Happy Birthday
Rebecca (Office Intern)
Sander Reijerse
American Sisyphus
Sunday Bruncher
Frieda Luk
The Reunion (short)
Rojer Ungers
VCA Film and Television
Supermum (short)
Aaron Carrol
Skitoma Productions
Film Incursion
Carli Jones and Rex Armstrong
Darebin School Holiday Program

Commercials & Industrials

Title Role Position Director/Company Location
Pepsi Pilot Commercial
Jaime Jarramillo
Blurr Motion Productions
Exelplus Strumento ad Ultrasuoni Telepromotion
Young Girl
Giolio Colli
Hirin Films (Italy)

Education & Training

School Teacher Degree/Course Location Year
The Actor's Project NYC
Bobby Holder
Monologue Workshop
Ward Acting Studio
Wendy Ward
Meisner Acting Training
Melbourne Actor's Lab
Peter Kalos
Acting workshops
Platform Youth Theatre
Lucy Freeman
Provokateur - Theatre Mentorship Program
Laban / Bartenieff Movement Analysis
Lucy Angell
Body and Shape / Effort and Space workshop
Monash Academy of Performing Arts
Peter Oyston
Honours Degree: Bachelor of Performing Arts
Universita' di Bologna
DAMS - Drama, Art and Music studies
Scuola di Teatro Colli
Danny Lemmo
St Martins Youth Arts Centre
Lucy Angell
Creative Ensemble
Monash University
Bachelor of Performing Arts

Career Highlights/Additional Info:

  • Carli Jones is a skilled and enthusiastic Bi-lingual Actress, Children's Entertainer and Deviser with experience in Theatre, Film, Commercial and Industrial work.

    Height: 5'5" Weight: 110 LBS Eyes: Blue/Green Hair: Blonde