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These screen, stage, and photographic projects need talent in the UK right now, so update those headshots, sharpen your audition skills, and get busy…

Facebook Ramadan ad casting in London  
Facebook is shooting an advert featuring a mix of people celebrating a modern Ramadan. The team wants performers and non-performers from a range of backgrounds, and casting is headed up by CD Coralie Rose, winner of the National Diversity Award for Entrepreneur of Excellence. Here’s the breakdown: 

People of all ages, 18+ and from a mix of ethnic backgrounds across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa. Performance experience not essential. 

The team are holding auditions in London 28–29 January and 3 February. Wardrobe fittings are TBD and the project shoots 13–14 February. Roles are paid £350 per day with usage fees of £2,500 for featured adults. The project is seeking people based in London. Are you what they’re looking for? Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now.

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Web series casting diverse London cast
Comedy web series Intersectionality is casting for a host of new talent ahead of a shoot in London in February. Telling the story of an interracial, international, and intersectional group of millennial graduates, we see them try to avoid the rat race and make a go of an online magazine. But will their differences divide them or make them stronger? The team are casting for a pilot episode and are seeking actors who can pick up lines quickly and turn on their comic timing. Here’s the breakdown:

Lead role Yao is for a male Asian actor, playing age 18–30. He’s a rich Chinese twentysomething who moved to the UK as a child and has gone against his parents’ hopes for him to become a doctor by studying English. Despite still being reliant on his mum and dad’s cash and struggling with gambling addiction, he’s determined to prove himself. Lead role Emma is for a black African female actor, playing age 18–30. Strong-willed, opinionated, and fighting against the stereotype of the “angry black woman,” she’s a history grad who’s the only working-class member of her friendship group. Lead role Shash is for an Indian-origin male actor, playing age 18–30. He’s a gay, self-hating Indian who is playing the field and loving it, despite not coming out to his parents as they arrange a marriage. He wishes he could be a white writer and feels his ethnicity has put him in a box. There are a further four lead roles and one supporting role also up for grabs, for a variety of ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds.

Intersectionality shoots at the end of February in London. Roles are paid £100–£200 per day, depending on the final budget. The team are seeking performers based in London. Perfect for a role? Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now. 

Recycling campaign casting in Cardiff
Casting director Hannah Marie Williams is seeking authentic Welsh people local to Cardiff for a recycling campaign in the city. The job needs expressive, confident performers who represent the great diversity of Wales’ capital. All performers must be local to Cardiff. Here’s a breakdown:

Rugby Player is female, playing age 18–20 and any ethnicity. She’s an outdoorsy and expressive late teen with a medium-to-stocky build. Rugby experience not essential. University Students are any gender, playing ages 20–23 and any ethnicity. They are party-type students: people with individual style, tattoos, and interesting hair. Real Welsh Families are any gender, playing ages 4–40, and any ethnicity. The team are looking for real family units, ideally a mum and dad in their mid-to-late 30s and young children around 4–8 years old. They must be confident and expressive.

Welsh Recycling Heroes are 18+, any gender and any ethnicity. A mix of recycling heroes, these are people who know how to recycle and do it with pride. The team are seeking people with a broad range of looks, ages, gender, ethnicity, and style.

The photographic shoot is 6 or 7 February, with the television commercial shoot on 11–12 February in Cardiff. Adult fees are £300 with a featured buyout of £1,200. Hero buyouts are £1,800. Child fees are £200, featured buyout of £800, and hero buyout of £1,200. Please note: the client will categorise performers as featured or hero after the casting, so you’ll need to be happy to be considered for both. Head over to the casting notice for more information and to apply now. 

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Student fantasy short casting in London
Short fantasy drama Omen follows Misha, a girl with the power to kill anyone she touches. After an accidental kill, Misha seeks the help of her best friend Leah before mistakenly killing her. However, all is not as it seems: a mysterious stranger appears to have the power to bring people back from the dead with just the touch of his hand. Here’s a breakdown:

Lead role Misha is female, playing age 18–25 and any ethnicity. She’s clumsy, impatient and full of energy, but also self-doubting, caring, compassionate, and an introvert. She wishes she didn’t have the power to kill, and could just be normal. Lead role Freya is female, playing age 18–25 and any ethnicity. Confident to the point of being arrogant, Freya has high standards and deadpan humour. Supporting role Agol is male, playing age 25–30, and any ethnicity. With the power to restore life, he’s mysterious, calm and collected, though intimidating when he needs to be. 

Omen shoots 2–6 March in North West London, with the location subject to change. Leads are paid £100, supports £50, and food and travel provided. The team are seeking performers based in London. Perfect for the project? Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now.

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