Now Casting: A Well-Known Video Game Is Casting Voices + More UK Gigs

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These screen projects need talent in the UK right now, so update those headshots, sharpen your audition skills, and get busy… 

Well-known role-playing game (RPG)
Casting director Mike Goodman is seeking voice performers for a video game – a “really cool RPG set on the wrong side of town.” Lead role Titus is male with a playing age of 35–48. A gang leader, he’s a cunning badass with a 1920s “Dust Bowl” or Oklahoma accent. Supporting role The Pigs is female, playing age 50–65, and a midwest or New York accent. Tiago is male, playing age 28–42, and has an LA “Cholo”–type accent. Several further male and female leads and supports are available. The voiceovers record in London or Brighton from spring onwards and are paid (rate TBD). The team are seeking performers based anywhere in the UK. Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now. 

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Sham Love
Online thriller Sham Love Series is casting for a female lead and male supporting role ahead of shooting this spring/summer. Diana is female, playing age 35–40, and any ethnicity. She’s eccentric, high-risk, romantic, and keen to restart her life following a divorce. Bob is male, playing age 40–45, and any ethnicity. He’s a love-struck, loyal-yet-jealous man. The series shoots April–June in London and roles are paid a deferred rate. Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now.

Wild Bones
Feature film Wild Bones is casting in Northampton ahead of a shoot this autumn. The team are looking for actors open to immersive acting and improvisation. Please be aware that roles may require full nudity and that sensitive scenes will be filmed on a closed set. Here’s a breakdown: Alice is female, playing age 19–30, and any ethnicity. Gary is male, playing age 25–50, and any ethnicity. Candace is female, playing age 40-75, and any ethnicity. Father is any gender, playing age 45–71, and any ethnicity. The project shoots October–November in the Peak District, Northampton, and Cambridgeshire. Roles are paid (rates TBD), and the team are holding auditions by appointment on 27 April in Northampton. Check out the casting notice for more details and to apply now. 

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The Horrible Flower
Thirty-minute film The Horrible Flower is casting ahead of a shoot this summer with plans to submit it to prestigious film festivals. Lead role Jacob is male, playing age 21–27, and any ethnicity. He’s a deep thinker with strong facial features. Rachel is female, playing age 21–27, and white or mixed race. She’s graceful, beautiful, and all-loving. Please note that this role includes topless nudity. Leah is female, playing age 19–27, and white or mixed race. Irishman is male, playing age 18–27 and white. The production rehearses in May and shoots between June and August in the UK and Ireland. Roles are paid (rates TBD), and travel and food are provided. The team are seeking actors based in London. Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now.

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