Roles Available in New Stage Musical + More UK Castings

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These projects are casting for talent in the UK right now, so sharpen your self-taping and audition skills and get busy.

New musical casting UK-wide 

New musical The Many Deaths of Michael Malloy tells the true story of a man who wouldn't die despite a number of attempts to take his life. Music is by Emmy-nominated Rolfe Kent and playwright Richard Johnson. The team are seeking strong singers to play supporting roles. Francis is male, playing age 20–50, with a genuine American accent. Mick is male, playing age 18+, and a comic mover. He’s a drunk who never speaks. Hershey is male, playing age 18+. A creep, rough around the edges. Must have an authentic American accent. Tony is male, playing age 18+. Rehearsals begin 13 April and roles are paid £450 per week.

Head to the casting notice for more info.

Mythical play seeking actor-musicians 

A stage retelling of the selkie myth is seeking actors who can sing and play an instrument for roles in this play with songs. Grace is female, playing age 18–27. Growing up without a mother, she is bright, brave, and hopeful. She yearns for adventure but must stay at home to look after her father. Tom is male, aged 18+ to play 16-17. Friendly, charismatic, a budding musician. Cameron is male, playing age 34–41. Grace’s father, he met and fell in love with a selkie and had a child, Grace. Shonagh is female, playing age 32–39. A selkie, forgotten by people who think she’s just a myth. The project rehearses in May and runs in June. Roles are paid.

Check out the casting notice for more info and to apply now.  

Meat commercial

Casting director Tree Petts is seeking a Northern actor; male, playing age 18+ and any ethnicity. Nigel is no-nonsense, confident, a straight talking wannabe celebrity chef, friendly, and approachable. The actor must be happy to eat meat and create a contemporary character, not a caricature. The team are seeking someone with authentic Northern brogue and know-how in the kitchen. Shooting is 17 April in London and the role is paid a £350 fee plus usage of £1400.

Head to the casting notice for more info. 

Taxi promo 

The team behind a promo for a taxi-hailing service is casting for a range of actors to feature in the filmed commercial. Roles involve passengers calling for a service on holiday or business, plus a chauffeur. There are male and female characters with playing ages 30–60, plus roles for children. Roles are paid £300–500 for one day of shooting the week of 27 April.

Check out the casting notice for more details.