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Calling all sci-fi fans: If you’re hoping to find a gig that features post-apocalyptic storylines or other out-of-this-world elements, you’ve come to the right place. Every week, we update this roundup to include the latest sci-fi casting calls in the industry. From a sci-fi/horror podcast anthology to a variety of short films casting their lead roles, these are today’s biggest gigs. 

“Follow Me Down”

Join the cast of “Follow Me Down,” a short fiction sci-fi/horror podcast anthology. A female voiceover actor, age 21–50, is now wanted for the narrator of the series. There will be an open casting call on July 1in Burbank, California. Talent will work in Los Angeles. Pay is $200 for eight hours of work.

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“Mind Breaker”

Casting is underway for “Mind Breaker,” a short film set in a near-future dystopia that follows Slink, who, desperate to save his fatally ill sister and ultimately escape the city from a menacing drug lord, deals with a mysterious and highly addictive product that drives the population insane. A male or nonbinary actor, age 35–45, is currently wanted to play the supporting role of Omar, a familiar name in London’s criminal underworld. Auditions will be held on May 31, followed by filming on June 24. Pay is £50 for three hours of work.

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Casting is underway for “Precognito,” a sci-fi film that follows med student, Michael, who develops an experimental drug with his best friend and colleague, Brice, which can allow you to see the future as if your “memory is in reverse.” A female actor, age 22–26, is now wanted to play the lead role of Stefanie, Michael’s ex who is now involved with the head physician, Spencer. Filming will take place on June 14 in Marietta, Ohio. Pay is $130 with meals as well as some travel expenses and lodging provided if needed.

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Casting is underway for “Playback,” a short sci-fi mystery that follows a man who awakes after an attack and tries to work out who he is with the help of his friend. Three actors, aged 28–40, are wanted for the starring role of David and two supporting roles. Rehearsals will take place remotely, followed by filming on May 30–31 in London. Pay is £25–£300 depending on the role.

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“The Infinite”

Join the cast of “The Infinite,” a short film about a brilliant scientist who goes on an intergalactic journey and leaves a cryptic message to her followers. Two Black female actors, aged 35–45, are wanted for the lead roles of Ivy and Nandi. Filming will take place on June 17–18 in Houston, Texas. Pay is $60 per day.

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Sci-Fi Dance Project

Advent Studios is casting talent for a sci-fi music video. Two dancers, aged 21–40, are wanted for the lead roles in the project. A choreography background is a plus. Rehearsals will take place at the end of May and early June, followed by filming in mid-June in New York City. Pay is $300–$400.

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“The Next Big One: A Comedy with Three Potential Problems”

The Next Big One: A Comedy with Three Potential Problems,” a sci-fi dark comedy set in NYC in the future, is seeking a female or nonbinary actor, age 18 or older, for a day player role.  Talent will work in August or September, with the date TBD. Pay is $50–$125 with lunch and craft services provided.

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Join the cast of “Wish,” a sci-fi drama about a little girl home alone who encounters a series of strange events while sleeping. Two female actors, one age 6–9 and one age 28–35, are wanted for the starring role of Emma and the supporting role of Karen, respectively. Filming will take place on May 27–29 in Savannah, Georgia. Pay is $50–$100 per day with meals, copy, and credit provided.

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“Andy’s Trip”

Join the cast of “Andy’s Trip,” a sci-fi thriller/horror student film that revolves around a kid who receives a time-traveling device from his deceased grandfather, learning dark secrets about his past and crimes he is going to commit in the future. Talent, aged 4–53, is wanted for several roles, including the titular Andy as both a child and as an adult. Additionally, the project is currently hiring a cinematographer and gaffers. Filming will take place on June 23–26 in NYC. Pay is $15 to $120 per day with food and snacks provided on set.

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Casting is underway for “Dynasty,” the first installment of a sci-fi film franchise. Texas-based talent, aged 6 and older, is wanted for a variety of roles, including Ajna, the leader of the Chosen Ones, who are on a groundbreaking journey to save their souls. Filming will take place on June 6–15. Pay is TBD (undisclosed by the production).

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Immersive Theater Dark Sci-Fi Experience

Brooklyn-based startup Unshut is seeking a performer of any gender, aged 24–34, to play a hacker in an interactive dark sci-fi experience. A background in immersive theater and/or a strong dramatic improv background is a plus. Talent will work in NYC. Pay is TBD, with the potential for a full-time salaried position after the product launches in January.

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