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On any given day, Backstage has tens of thousands of job postings, catering to a wide array of creative professionals.

Entertainment specialists at every experience level rely on Backstage to find jobs.

Our marketplace is your access to high-quality work to build your expertise and advance your career. 

More jobs than any other platform 

If you have the knowledge, the time, and the passion, we have a job for that. Many people know us as the place for actors to find work, but we have opportunities for so much more.

Looking for voice narration work? Creating social media ads? Modeling gigs? Want to break into video editing, sound mixing, or some other specialty? We have a path for all those pursuits, too.

Our creators and project runners come to our talent marketplace to hire:

  • Actors
  • Models
  • Voiceover artists
  • Production assistants and specialists of all kinds
  • Creative freelancers
  • Theater performers
  • Influencers
  • UGC creators and real people

Backstage’s marketplace is designed to showcase talent of all kinds, attracts talent seekers of all types, and has thousands of new job postings each day to help talent grow their careers.

More projects than any other platform

Backstage is more than just casting calls. We help talent seekers create and staff projects from top to bottom. 

We host job opportunities across a variety of mediums, including on-camera and behind-the-scenes roles in:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Theater
  • Broadcast, social media, and other advertising
  • Music videos
  • Student projects

Projects can be even more niche, with roles in video game production and e-learning resources, as virtual assistant voices, and so much more. 

Best of all, our listings are available across the world. With many jobs looking to hire talent on a national or global scale, you can scope out opportunities in or near your location. With more remote jobs than ever before, you have more options than ever for working from the comfort of your home or studio. 

Find your next opportunity 

Backstage helps actors, performers, and creatives of all kinds to establish their brand, build their portfolio, and connect with key industry players. 

If you have expertise that can be applied to a creative project, there’s a good chance someone using Backstage needs your help. Take a look for yourself!

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