Actors’ Equity Is Expanding Membership Access—How Do You Feel About it?

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Photo Source: Matthew Murphy

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AEA open access?
How does everyone feel about this? Is this really a good thing? As an EMC who has been eligible to join for quite some time, I’m so conflicted.” —frustratedlatina

Can TikToks be used during the audition process?
So I am completely new to acting—like completely. No training, no experience whatsoever. I am 30 years old and I honestly feel like a washed up has-been. I’d honestly never considered acting until last year, when my peers told me that I may have an nack for it. I know most people who give advice to newcomers always say to take acting classes and have a demo reel. The only issue I have with this is that acting classes are terribly expensive and I am a single mother of two. And also, the only video footage I have is my TikTok content, which most of my followers really enjoy.

“So my question is, can TikToks be considered during an audition process? Is a monologue also considered a ‘video reel’? Are all acting classes in L.A. stupid expensive? Also, what on earth do you guys say on your cover letters and what is it for? I look forward to talking to you guys. And thanks ahead of time for taking time to answer my questions.” —Redroyalty0110

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