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After 11 seasons, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is finally coming to an end. However, even though the popular zombie show is wrapping up, new spinoffs are still being produced. “Fear the Walking Dead” is a prequel to the main series and is currently seeking talent for its eighth season. Along with this casting notice, we also rounded up some similar gigs for you to check out. If you’re still hungry for more content, take a look at these horror projects seeking talent now.

“Fear the Walking Dead”

The AMC series “Fear the Walking Dead” wants talent for its eighth season. Georgia-based talent, aged 18 and older, is wanted to portray guards in background roles. Filming will take place from Aug. 3–5 and 15 in Savannah. Pay is $115.50 for 10 hours of work, plus a $50 testing bump and a $25 water bump. 

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“Blood Corn”

An 80s retro slasher movie from British director Charlie Steeds needs talent. The project seeks a male actor, aged 20–25 a female actor, aged 20–30, a male actor, aged 20–30, a female actor, aged 20–30, and a male actor, aged 20–40. Shoots Oct. 3–18 in Nashville. Pay is $1,800–$2,400 for 12 days of work.

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Zombie Slaughterhouse”

This immersive horror theater show brings a narrative to spice up the traditional haunted house. The production is looking to cast several lead and supporting roles. Rehearsals are from Sept. 19–24. The project runs from Oct. 2–Nov. 1 in Ventura County, California. Pay is $2,400–$3,200 for 20 days of work.

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“Night of the Swinging Dead”

Casting for this short film is now underway. The story follows a zombie who goes to a dance studio to learn to move like Fred Astaire. The project seeks a female actor-dancer, aged 18 and older, to play the dance instructor. Shoots TBD in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Pay is $200. 

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“Smoke Is All They Wanted”

This short horror film is part of an anthology feature set with plans to submit to festivals. The project seeks a Black male actor, aged 18–30, a Black actor, aged 40 and older, and a Black female actor, aged 40 and older. Shoots on Oct. 8 in South Carolina. Pay is $75–$100 for one day of work, plus meals are provided.

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A psychological thriller about a feral child and his jailer mother is now casting. The project wants white male talent, aged 4–7, to play the child, and Latinx, white or ethnically ambiguous female talent, aged 5–8, to play a supporting role. Shoots Aug. 24–26 in London. Pay is £150-£210 for 3 days of work.

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“The Fort”

Casting is underway for this short horror film set to make the 2023 Festival Circuit. Production is looking for male talent, aged 18–22, to play the lead role of Tim, and female talent, aged 18–22, to play the lead role of Erin. Shoots March 2023 in Upstate New York. Pay is $2,500 for 5 days of work with travel, accommodations and meals included. 

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