Take it From an Agent: Actors Today Don’t Know How Good They Have It

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I’m writing this column 20 years ago.

To be clear, you’re living in the present. And I’m in the year 1999. If you’re wondering how Secret Agent Man became a time traveler, the answer is surprisingly obvious: I used a DeLorean.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the lease ran out on my black BMW and I decided to buy something interesting, something that would make me stand out from the pack. I was thinking about getting an old-school Mustang, but then I came across a restored DeLorean, and that baby had my name all over it.

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While checking out the car, I realized the owner had customized the interior to match the one in “Back to the Future.” How cool is that? I started playing with the dials and just for fun, I entered “10-04-1999.” That’s the date I started working as an assistant at one of the largest agencies in town.

Next thing you know, I was driving home, feeling good about the purchase. So I jumped on the freeway, punched the accelerator, and bang!—I time-traveled back to the day my career was born.

Curious to see myself, I headed over to my old office in Century City and made my way upstairs. Then I spent the rest of the day spying on young me, and I came to a startling revelation: This business used to suck.

The first proof of this was when my younger self took a call from casting. They needed a reel from one of our clients right away, so young me jumped into action. He hurried down to the storage room, found the right DVD, and called a messenger service, who promised to deliver it to the casting office within the next three hours. In 2019, I would just copy the reel’s link and email it to casting. Mission accomplished in less than 30 seconds, and it doesn’t cost the company a dime.

Close to noon, the mail got dumped on my desk. Holy cow! The stack of manila envelopes stuffed with headshots was taller than the “Stranger Things” kids. I had forgotten how much money actors used to spend on pictures that ended up in the trash. Nowadays, 99 percent of submissions come in by email, which is a massive cost-saver in terms of time, energy, and materials.

My last observation about the past is a doozy. It took me a moment to spot the difference—but it’s the phones! They never stop ringing. Everyone is talking to someone. I realized that back in the present, my office is fairly quiet because everyone connects by email. Instead of a constant ringing, I mostly hear tapping on keyboards.

Is that a good thing? Or have we lost something?

Confused, I decided it was time to go home. But first, I stepped up to young me and whispered, “Buy stock in Amazon and Netflix. Seriously. Just do it.”

On that note, I hurried back to my DeLorean, and that’s where I am right now, still in the past, writing this column. If you’re reading it, that means I made it back without changing the present—phew! But if you’re reading something crazy like Secret Manager Man, then I definitely created a paradox that screwed up the timeline and I need to learn a lot more about gigawatts and plutonium.

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