You Don’t Have to Make Your Own Work to Be an Actor

WATCH: “Schitt’s Creek” creator-star Dan Levy says just acting is enough.

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Now more than ever before, actors are told that the key to their success is in their ability to create their own work. While that is sometimes true (and there are many examples we could point to today for which the rule sticks), that is not always the case. Dan Levy, who created and stars in “Schitt’s Creek” on Pop TV, emphasizes that oftentimes, just acting is enough.

“I feel like we’re entering an era where actors feel like if [they’re] not writing and directing, then [they’re] somehow not doing enough. And it bothers me so much because to be an actor is such a wonderful profession; you don’t need to justify what you do by saying you’re writing and acting. Being an actor is a profession, and that is enough!” Catch more insight and advice in the Backstage Bit video with Levy above.

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