December 2019 Horoscopes for Actors

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We’re readying for the heavy-hitting and transformative conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in mid-January, but until then let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Jupiter is arguably the most “lucky” planet and this optimistic planetary behemoth will be changing signs on Dec. 2 from fiery, adventurous, idea-laden Sagittarius to earthy and driven Capricorn. It’s a year to get down to business and build your empires where the world needs you most. Following your bliss may be the first clue.

We will of course have that swashbuckling energy of Sagittarius bringing celebratory spirits while the Sun travels in Sag until Dec. 21 and lighting what’s been quite an unpredictable ride with that volatile Mars-Uranus opposition slowly dissipating this month. We still have Mars in Scorpio until Jan. 12 tempting us to get beneath everything and reveal our true motivations and sweep any dust out from under our or another’s rug for a BS-free zone. This can bring some drama to be sure, but it’s better than sitting on secrets or half-truths.

Consider casting your New Year’s spells on the extra powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse of Christmas Day when it seems the planets are conspiring to have us think big. While there’s a lot of planetary energy in serious-minded Cap, this holiday will be anything but quiet with a Christmas conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury! Whether you’re eating Chinese food and seeing a flick (hopefully yours) or emptying stockings and eggnog cartons—or none of the above—you likely won’t be able to shut up about your big “wins” this year and how next you’re really going to take it to the next notch! Cue the uncertainty of 2020!


Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

As you’re saying hello to the life-bringing Sun in your sign, you’re saying goodbye to Jupiter. Hopefully, this jovial opportunity-bringer will have left you something in his wake—a new lease on life perhaps? Jupiter doesn’t altogether leave you of course, but does shift from its central location on your sign. The planet will now quiet down a bit in the sign of oh-so-serious Capricorn and into your 2nd House of Income. Yes, this can be a boon for your financial life. At the very least bringing opportunity to grow your portfolio and generate income, but especially connect you to the importance of grounding and exploring your idea of security.

Not only that, Venus, Pluto, and Saturn will also be visiting your 2nd House this month making material confidence and accruing your million less of a pipe dream. Follow your inner pragmatic. While Sags love to think and do big, Cap energy benefits from the slow and steady. Consistency of character, routine, and income will go a long way to slow-cook this month to cozy perfection. And if you’re not paying attention to finances, well you could find that out too but Jupiter is great at spinning the positive so lean into the money-making magic and make your intent to build most strongly on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Christmas Day!

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Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

Capricorn, you’re the lucky winner of this year’s Jupiter prizemeaning this avuncular and luck-bringing planet will be in your sign and hopefully work some of its jaw-dropping magic for you during his sojourn until Dec. 19 of next year! You’re also the winner of Saturn and Pluto in your sign which has been busy bulldozing old beliefs and false selves, and filling you in with a new mission in life if you’re committed enough to see it through. Even amidst the tough love, you’re ending the year on a sweet note with amorous Venus sending cosmic glitter and pheromonal vibes through Dec. 20. This healthy Venusian glow in your 1st House will make you feel all more receptive to positive attention even if you do just feel like pushing up your sleeves and getting to work!

The extra-powerful New Moon of Christmas Day will also be in your sign setting up a powerful space for you to seed your 2020 intention. While you’re known for your mental sobriety and measured good sense, this may be a Moon to hang a dream on like your biggest dream. And then of course tune in and get your marching orders from the planetary powers that be; they’ll certainly be sending clues in December.

Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

The heft of planetary attention this month will be in Capricorn and your 12th House. This sets you up perfectly to get your inner, spiritual life in order and get clear on what needs to come to a close at year’s end. A little solitude for your social self would be a wonderful addition. Lucky Jupiter will also be taking up real estate for the next year in this most mystical of Houses, cueing your spirit guides to give you all sorts of fun ways to connect with something greater than yourself. For creatives, it can be quite a boon. Keep in mind, however, as rebellious and free-thinking as Aquarians are, it’s a cerebral sign that may eschew being told their greatest lessons are in the ether and shadow of the spiritual realm (keyword: surrender).

Where you’ll not surrender however is your ideas and opinions which are quite hot especially at month’s beginning with the fiery pairing of Mars and Mercury adding tension (via a square aspect) to your Sun. Part of your spiritual yoga this month is to pick your battles wisely! Battles of wits will likely be had but it could be as much spirited repartee as hidden agendas and feelings coming up to the surface to be healed.


Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

Jupiter’s lucky shift on Dec. 2 into earthy Capricorn will be bringing all sorts of attention and opportunity to your 11th House of Community and Helpful People. You’ll already be quite popular with charming Venus also in this House and your natural good vibes will magnetize a powerful network of folks who are picking up what you’re laying down. This is about sharing what you know and being courageous enough to get on your soapbox (or social media platform of choice) and galvanize others to move forward and support you.

This is a great time to run for office, set up a YouTube account, or get your top-level angel investors (keyword: influence). All that ambitious Capricorn energy in this House of Networking loves getting down to businesswith the caveat of getting down to business with a team of like-minded souls! You’d do well to set your intention for 2020 on Dec. 25 when Lady Luna lights up this friendly sector of your chart and begs you to play a leading role this year.

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Aries (March 21–April 19)

Your 10th House of Career and Status is getting heaps of attention, Aries! You’re bringing a new vibea jolly, devil-may-care Jupiter vibeto this sector of your chart dealing with your reputation. You’ve likely bulldozed an old career identity this past year and made some changes; some fun, some arduous. With good foundations built, lucky Jupiter will start bringing in some Star Meter boosts so-to-speak, no matter what career trajectory you’re building. Be careful what you think about as Jupiter can really amplify our public image and manifest very quickly what’s in your mind’s eye. A little acting-as-if is in order this month and well into December of next year as the planet of big growth needs you to step into bigger shoes, ready or not!

This should be a spirited month, especially after Dec. 9 when messenger Mercury moves into fiery Sagittarius joining the Sun and really setting you up to speak what’s on your mind. Set a 2020 career goal on Christmas Day when the Moon rises new. No matter how you see yourself, others will see that that royal and generous Jupiter vibe about youso permission to play it up!

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

The build-up of earthy Cap energy will help stabilize your December which actually may sound pretty good compared to the wild and unpredictable ride you’ve likely been on with Uranus in your sign. Unanticipated joy comes from a change of scenery if you can follow your impulses and take in some new, exotic views. The upcoming year you’ll have Jupiter in your 9th House of Travel and Experiences telling you to go out into the world and take the hero’s journeyperhaps a second time! Even if you stay close, it looks like you need to shift things up and get into something that really peaks your passions and requires a certain athleticism. You still seem to be stoking strong reactions from othersperhaps a cherished loved oneas the impulsive, tell-it-like-it-is pairing of Mars and Mercury continue to blaze through your 7th House of Partnerships.

A new perspective seems to be trying to find you but it does require taking off an old pair of glasses and looking through new lenses. It may be someone close to you that holds up the mirror for your own reflection. Before going back into old drama-free patterns, consider committing your new spiritual insights to practiceand digging up those buried feelings. You may have to set a boundary or perhaps have to let someone get a little closerit’s a month to surprise yourself! Set Dec. 25 intentions around travel, education, and breaking new ground to get the most bang for your buck in the New Year.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Things go deep this month, Gemini, which could work out well for both relationships and finances. Relationships continue to be a major theme and Jupiter’s move into Capricorn and your 8th House for the next year really puts a benevolent spotlight on intimacy, vulnerability, and sharing resources. Not only that, you’ve got magnetic Venus as well as transformative Pluto and Saturn all wanting a say in your relationships. Goodbye, old patterns and hello commitment! Someone with a marked age difference could head your way or perhaps just someone who has something to really teach you. You carry the student-teacher archetype well within your sign but it looks like you need the wizened perspective of someone reliable and not afraid to “go there” with you.

You’re definitely due for some candid conversations this month and you won’t be at a lack for company. You’re in the mood to bond and the right people seem to be around you or will be arriving to give you something to talk about. Intentions around sexuality and intimacy have the most legs if you set them with the beautiful and powerful New Moon of Christmas Day.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

All the Capricorn energyPluto, Saturn, Venus, and soon Jupiteris congealing in that 7th House of Soulmates and Long-Term Partnership. Yes, that can definitely mean business and certainly lucky business partnerships can forge around this timeso keep open to powerful and pragmatic connections! You may have had to purge any below-board partnerships or just people that didn’t pass the Saturn test of integrity. Notice however that you’re attracting a little more amour and glam than usualthank you, Venus! She’s great for romance but this combination of energy may be just right to attract both business and pleasure.

You also have self-improvement and health on the mind this month although you’d do better if you kept goals fun with the Sun and Mercury (after Dec. 9) giving you fiery enthusiasm in this 6th House of Work, Health, and Service. December will largely be responding to what others need or bring to the table with the planets on the more “receptive” side of the Zodiac wheel. Giving things a little more space than usual to work themselves out maybe just astrological medicine that December needs to keep you in the flow. People will come to you, Cancer! Make intentions around best-case scenario partnerships on Christmas Day when you can’t help but believe anything is possible.

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Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)

Leo loves a good dollop of Capricorn energyas they share a love of power, influence, and authorityand December does not disappoint. The major cosmic news outside of a super-powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day is Jupiter’s move into ambitious Capricorn and your 6th House of Health, Work, and Self-Improvement. It may not sound like the most exciting of Houses, but you’re sharpening your life skills and “protecting the asset”you! Transforming the way you take care of yourself and really applying discipline that gets you to the next level and lets VIP’s know you’re serious about showing up and meeting high expectations.

Bad habits have been ready to leave and Jupiter now brings in the shiny, new replacement behavior that gets you to the top of your own personal mountain. It’s certainly not all work and no play as the all-powerful Sun (and Mercury after Dec. 9) shines in your 5th House of Self-Expression, Recreation, and Love Affairs for the first three weeks. Sharing a creative work brings the sort of healing applause that keeps your fires burning. Set intentions around perfect work and health come the New Moon of Christmas Day.

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 21)

There’s more fun to be had this month, Virgo, as the high-flying vibes of Jupiter enter your 5th House of Love and Creativity. You’ve been learning a lot about who you are creatively (and in partnership) and Jupiter brings the opportunity to really manifest your goals as an artist and a lover! You’re in the mood for something more solid and the sturdy Capricorn vibes will tend to attract something or someone you can reliably hang your hat on. Birthing a creative child of some sort this year is also highly likely. You’re ready to share your storyand this earth energy wants tangible expressions of the inner process. You’ve likely ousted some maladaptive behaviors around expressing yourself and really showing up authentically, and now December gives you a chance to play and step it up in that pleasurable part of life. Intentions surrounding these themes are extra powerful if set on the New Moon of Christmas Day.

Libra (Sept. 22–Oct. 22)

The vibes will be friendly this month with charming Venus and Jupiter joining the ranks of your 4th House of Home and Family. Sure, you may feel like foregoing every holiday party with your hunger for all that is cozy and familiar, but you could have a knack for getting everyone to come to you. Money seems to be on the mind and you’re in the mood to get what’s yours with assertive Mars and Mercury in your 2nd House of Earned Income. You’re running a tighter ship than usual and not afraid to ask for what you need, especially considering what came up last month with the Mercury retrograde. You’re getting all your houses in order and lucky Jupiter may just be making sure you love where you live so you can live where you love.

Treating your home like a sanctuary may be the fastest ticket outif you do in fact need a change of scenery. You look to be in the mood to lay some deeper roots and locating items that bring a sense of safety and beauty go a long way to satisfy your craving for aesthetic perfection. If there were ever a year to bring holiday cheer to the home, this may be it. Jolly Jupiter only comes to this part of your chart once every 12 years so maybe you should splurge on a tree skirt!

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

You’ve been at the center of a storm of activity, Scorpio! Energetic, feisty Mars will remain in your sign all the way until Jan. 13that’s quite a long ride for this non-stop-action sign. Don’t forget your pitstops so you don’t wear yourself out! Take advantage of this transit by telling the truth come hell or high water (messenger Mercury adding fire here until Dec. 9) and being the great provocateur that knows how to leave their mark. Not that you ever agree with everybody, but this is a time to name that elephant in the room if others are tiptoeing around it. Call it like you see it in other words and the sooner in the month, the better. Downtime will come, but it’s not necessarily in December!

Communication is really amplified not only because of the Mars and Mercury pairing, but larger-than-life Jupiter is joining forces in your 3rd House signaling a flow of words, images, and ideas that need to find an outlet. If you’ve been thinking about a book or putting your voice out there in some form, benevolent forces conspire to get you out there and share your not-so-secret depths. Intentions around this theme should be set on the New Moon Solar Eclipse of Christmas Day for best outcomes!

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