Why Every Actor Should Be on Social Media

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You’re busy juggling auditions, acting classes, and a day job. Who has time for social media, right? But whether you’re just starting or a series regular, you can use social media to open doors for your career. Here are the biggest reasons every actor should be on social media.

1. Social media helps you build relationships.
Let’s face it, show business is about relationships! Before social media, you could only meet people in person. Now, actors can connect, build, and nurture relationships online. You can easily stay top of mind with the people you know and reach the people you want to know.

Staying connected with people you already know is one of the best ways to get future work. Social media not only helps you make connections, it helps you organize and keep track of them too. Sure, you’ll remember the people you just worked with but how about two, or even 10 years from now? Losing track means losing work.

2. Social media helps you connect with your fans.
One of the biggest excuses I hear from actors is, “I’ll use social media when I book my big TV show or movie.” Don’t wait until you get a show to learn how to use social media! That’s when you’ll want to focus on being the best actor you can be and connecting with new fans, not learning Twitter 101.

Whether you’re working on student films, Broadway, or network TV, with every job you do you’re collecting fans. Not just the audience watching you but the casting directors, writers, directors, and producers you work with. Wait to use social media and you’ll miss the chance to connect with these folks and grow your following along the way.

3. Using social media is becoming part of your job as an actor.
The industry has changed. Social media used to be the way savvy actors built relationships. Now it’s showing up in their contracts! Set up your platforms and start learning the basics. Your next contract could involve live tweeting, posting, or even a Snapchat takeover. Are you ready?

Not being on social media makes you less desirable to producers and networks because you can’t share their project with your fans. Don’t lose a job because you’re unprepared. Social media’s not optional anymore.

4. Take control of your career.
This is a great time to be an actor. Thanks to social media it’s never been easier for you to create something and share it with the world. By creating your own projects and building an audience for them, you take control of your career. Even if you’re not creating content, social media can help you build your audience and connect with people online that you’d never have access to offline.

Right now, social media is an actor’s secret weapon but in five years, it’ll be the norm. The next generation of casting directors, directors, and writers are growing up with social media. For them, it’ll just be part of their lifestyle and businesses. Learn it now or you’ll get left behind.

You can learn how to use social media to create the career you want. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how good you are with technology. All it takes to totally rock your social media is the will to learn, a little time, and maybe even a good teacher. 

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Heidi Dean is the industry’s top social media expert for actors. She was a working professional actor for over 20 years and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. Now she combines her years of industry experience with cutting-edge social media strategy to help actors open more doors for their careers.
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