A Pro Stuntwoman Reveals How Hollywood’s Most Extreme Stunts Happen

Video Source: Youtube

With nearly a decade of experience under her belt, professional stuntwoman Alyma Dorsey has seen her fair share of action. Appearing in projects like “Ghostbusters,” “Homeland,” “Luke Cage,” “GLOW,” “Captain Marvel,” “Fear of the Walking Dead,” and “The Matrix 4,” Dorsey’s stunt experience runs the gamut from driving, fighting, wrestling, throwing herself through windows, and jumping off buildings to name a few. In short, she’s a total badass—and a total pro. 

So it’s no surprise that Vanity Fair tapped her to walk them through how a handful of Hollywood’s most iconic stunts came together. From setup to craft to execution, Dorsey breaks down how stunt pros actually perform the seemingly-impossible, how to do it safely, the terminology you need to know if you want to get into stunts, and everything in between in the video above.

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