3 Acting Résumé Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

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Q: Do you have any tips for actors on how to format and share résumés?

“Make sure you include your name, title, location, email address, phone number, and website URL. Make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. I suggest putting your logo and name at the top and adding the rest at the bottom. And last but not least, add a small list of your hobbies and interests in a short ‘about’ section. The key word here is ‘short.’ ” Rhonda Phillips

“Create two versions of your résumé: one as a word processing document and one as a PDF. Email and print from your PDF copies to ensure that the formatting is locked in. Then, keep both versions saved in your online cloud of choice, like Dropbox or Google Drive. There are a million times when you’ll be out and about and wish you had your most recent version with you.” Amy Marie Stewart 

“Here’s an insider tip: As soon as you book a commercial, you’ll be ‘in conflict’ with all other companies who offer the same product or service. For example, if you book a Ford truck commercial, you can no longer do another car company commercial for as long as your Ford commercial is running. This is the fun part: To avoid having your inexperience held against you, write ‘Commercial conflicts available upon request’ on your résumé under your commercials heading. This indicates that you may have conflicts without making it obvious that you’ve yet to book a commercial. If anybody happens to ask, say that you just happen to not have any conflicts at this moment.” Bill Coelius 

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Bill Coelius
Bill Coelius has been in numerous television, movies, and over 50 national commercials. He also teaches acting in New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and Detroit.
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Amy Marie Stewart
Amy Marie Stewart is an actor, voice teacher, and the founder of TheoryWorks. Amy’s students have appeared on Broadway, with the Rockettes, and in national tours. She performs in operas, including the 2017 Opera America Showcase at the Town Hall in Times Square, and musicals.
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Rhonda Phillips
Rhonda is a voice actor, coach, and creator of the online course Introduction To Voiceover.
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