How To Prep for Auditions This Fall During COVID

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What? It’s fall?! With the whirlwind of the year we’ve had, it’s hard to believe how much time has passed. As we head into a new season and more opportunity as the industry starts to open up, there are some important things to consider when it comes to prepping for your upcoming auditions in this new environment. 

1. Invest in a self-tape studio.
It’s looking like many auditions will continue to be self-tapes from home. It’s wise to invest in a small setup if you don’t already have one. A simple, solid-colored backdrop, a smartphone, and good lighting are all you need. Consider purchasing your materials from a local photography shop and don’t hesitate to Zoom a friend to have them read the scene with you while you tape. 

2. Take online classes.
It’s been a while since we’ve all interacted, much less acted during these past few months. To get your chops back up to where they were before the world changed, it would behoove you to make your way into a virtual acting class. Many studios are offering discounted rates for classes during the pandemic. There are even virtual improv classes available as a way to connect and get out of your head! It’s a good idea to get back into a class to dust off any acting cobwebs that may have built up throughout the year. Being in a class is not only beneficial to your acting, but the support system and updates on the industry will help you stay motivated and focused!

3. Get one-on-one coaching.
If jumping into a class isn’t in the budget or timeframe of this “new normal,” you may want to consider a virtual one-on-one coaching option. Many teachers in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles offer one-on-one training. The beauty of this avenue is that it works on your timetable and you get private attention. This is a great option especially if auditions are starting to come your way.

4. Consider voiceover.
The voiceover industry has persevered throughout this year and will continue to. If you’re not already pursuing voiceover work, consider this avenue as we head into fall. To start making some voiceover copy, it’s helpful to listen to commercials that are in your age range. For example, “Huggies” commercials usually have young adult voices for the new parent whereas a Medicare commercial will be an older voice. Pick a couple of commercials you might be viable for and record using an attached microphone. It’s helpful to have one commercial demo and one animation demo for TV and film. 

Despite the difficulties of this year, the industry is starting to open back up and it’s helpful for all actors to be on their A-game. You never know when that dream audition might come through. Stay positive and flexible, and you’ll be sure to have a successful fall season!

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