5 Benefits of Online Acting Classes

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Online acting classes are a great way to keep engaging with other artists remotely. There are many benefits to working online with fellow professionals, especially during these unprecedented times. This can be a chance to regroup, reflect, and reassess. It can also be an opportunity to grow artistically, a chance to stretch, and a moment to strengthen the acting muscles. Here are five benefits to virtual acting classes.

1. Feedback
Acting in front of a webcam is not much different from working on-camera. You can use your body and physicalize the moments. With an online class, you have a chance to connect with all different actors. Even though you won’t be in the same room, you can learn a lot by watching them work online, and working on monologues and scenes yourself. You need to use your instrument and that exchange of dialogue, being able to bounce it off the other actors and getting feedback, is a crucial workout that’s made possible with online classes. 

2. Connection
What’s happening is bringing up a lot of anxiety and fear, which can be paralyzing. This isn’t helped by the fact that we need to be practicing social distancing. If you’re missing that connection to others, taking an online class can help. This is a way you can communicate with fellow professionals and not feel alone in the midst of this crisis. You can take other classes that are not just acting classes to get that connection and find ones that in the end, will help you in your acting like public speaking or classes to manage anxiety. There are many different techniques and exercises that can lead to tackling all those turbulent emotions in a very creative way.

3. No Geographical Restrictions
Online classes are easy to get to because you don’t have to leave the house. You can take classes at studios that aren’t nearby and in a different city or country. That means you can work on different techniques and try new things that you might not have felt you could otherwise because the class or teacher you had in mind was located far away.  

4. Discipline
Sometimes it’s difficult to discipline yourself to work alone, although I believe that you have to keep challenging yourself to do so. That’s where having an established online class can help. It’s powerful to engage with other voices and professionals and having an online class you know you’ll be participating in can set a routine for making sure you engage with your craft and others. It can help you establish a routine whether it’s a class that takes place at the same time or you decide to set an hour aside each day to watch an online prerecorded lesson to focus on your craft!

5. Inspiration
This is also a good time to think about your career and what you want creatively moving forward. Consider creating a vision board. Write and use what you are feeling. This could be the time you tackle that screenplay or novel you have been wanting to write forever. This is the time you could make that happen. Through an online class, you can connect with other artists and meet new people who can spark a collaboration idea and help you put new ideas on your vision board. You need to be brainstorming, incubating, and visualizing all the creative projects you’ll accomplish, get clear on what really matters to you, and consider what will help you fulfill your creative dreams.

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