Excited About Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’? Apply to These Gigs

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​​​​​​​​​​​We have good news for LOTR fans. The upcoming “The Lord of the Rings” prequel series from Amazon Studios is debuting Sept. 1 on Prime Video. Even though production has officially wrapped, those who are excited for another trip to J.R.R. Tolkien’s world are in luck. We’ve rounded up several fantasy and Amazon gigs that remind us of Middle-earth, The Shire—and everything in between. Check out these gigs that you can apply to now to start your own “Lord of the Rings” adventure.

Fantasy Tavern Night

An immersive fantasy experience is seeking to cast talented musicians to liven up the show’s environment. Set in a world much like Middle Earth, this gig is looking for guitarists and violinists of any race, ethnicity, or gender, aged 21 and older, with renaissance fair experience. Performances in Williamsburg, New York run monthly on a continual basis but will become more frequent during the Fall and Winter seasons. Pay is set at $150 per show. 

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“Save Erce”

Casting is underway for this audio series that follows a dragon on a mission to save earth—and a small town full of secrets and unlikely heroes. Production wants male talent, aged 18–25, 30–40, 35–45, female talent, aged 6 and older, 18 and older, and many more for all kinds of leading, supporting, and ensemble roles. Audio recording can be done from home if professional equipment is available. This is an unpaid gig. 

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“Faun,” a new indie-romance fantasy film, needs talent. The project seeks white female talent, aged 21–28, and white male talent, aged 21–28. Shoots from  May to Sept. 2023 in Omaha, Iowa, and Colorado. Professional pay provided and expenses covered.

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Untitled Horror/Fantasy Short Film

A new horror fantasy short film about a group of girls who realize they are part of an evil plan needs talent. Casting seeks bilingual (any language) female talent, aged 23–36, bilingual (any language) female talent, aged 22–36, and bilingual (any language) female day player talent, aged 24–36. Films TBD in California. Pay is $350 per day plus meals. 

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“Radical Body Transformation,” Season Three and Four

This Amazon Prime docuseries is looking for people seeking a radical change in their lives. The project wants characters of any race, ethnicity, or gender, age 18 and older, who are ready to hire a professional trainer to completely turn their lives around. Filming will be wherever talent lives. The project is looking for characters from North America, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand. While this is an unpaid gig (and talent will need to hire their own coach), thousands of dollars will be awarded as prizes throughout the show. 

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“Evil inSight”

Casting is underway for “Evil inSight,” a psychological horror film about a detective who receives a letter containing clues pointing to the body of a missing woman, which leads him and his partner to a peculiar man who claims to have the ability to see supernatural events. Two actors, aged 34–58, are wanted for supporting roles in the film. Additionally, the project is seeking background talent, aged 24–75. Filming will take place in New York City and surrounding areas beginning on Sept. 16. Pay is $211 for eight hours of work for supporting roles and $100 for eight hours of work for background talent.

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Amazon Host

Casting is underway for a weekly show on Amazon's Newest Platform, Amazon Live. Production is looking for young, energetic talent to host the new program. Acting, improv, and teleprompter skills are necessary to stand out in this role. Filming in Union City, New Jersey will be TBD on a rolling basis. Pay is $15 per day, with each day consisting of about 3 hours of work. 

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