Love ‘Big Mouth’? Apply to These Gigs

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Photo Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Earlier this fall, the adult animated series “Big Mouth” dropped its sixth season on Netflix. And much to fans’ delight, the Emmy-winning show has already been renewed for Season 7, which will premiere in 2023. If you too love this hilarious look into the terrors of puberty, check out these other great animation and voiceover gigs.

K-Pop YouTube Channel 

A YouTube channel focusing on K-pop news is casting female voiceover talent, aged 18–30, for its show. English language skills are required, as well as correct pronunciation of Korean words and names. The channel is looking for a voice style that is bubbly, engaging, and high energy. Candidates must also have a professional and high-quality microphone. Pays $100–$300 per week. 

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Full Time Audiobook Work

Male and female audiobook readers are wanted for ongoing, long-term contract audiobook work. Production is looking for actors and performers, aged 18–50, who are comfortable reading explicit content. Recording to be done January–December on location in Astoria, New York. Pays $1,500–$2,500 per month.

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Online Scripted Show, Female Voiceover

The Celebrity Crave YouTube Channel is looking for a female voiceover artist, aged 18–30, for its coverage of gossip, rumors, daily news, entertainment, and pop culture controversies. The channel is looking for a voice style that is energetic, engaging, and perky. Candidates must also have a high-quality microphone and voice reel. Pays $150–$300 per week. 

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“Into Oblivion”

Casting is underway for this live-action and virtual animated student film about a caring boyfriend named Alex who must protect his online avatar girlfriend Cindy. The production seeks a female voice actor, aged 18–40, to play Cindy, described as animated, gritty, dangerous, and sensual. Shoots TBD. Pays $200–$300. 

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“Pivotal Experiences” by Praxis Labs

“Pivotal Experiences” by Praxis Labs, an interactive educational animation, needs voice actors. The project seeks a Black female actor, aged 29 and older, to play a Haitian woman named Fabiola. Pay is $250. 

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